Orthodontic treatment usually is not recommended until after a child’s teeth have fully erupted; however, the American Association of Orthodontists do recommend children see an orthodontist as early as age seven, shortly after losing their baby teeth. Dr. Arjun Patel is able to evaluate your child’s smile and see whether there is a future need for orthodontic treatment.
Early treatment, or Phase 1, consists of correcting jaw growth and certain bite issues. Fixing jaw problems as early as six years old, can help the jaw make space for the permanent teeth to come in properly, decreasing chances of a tooth extraction in the future.
Many children are not ready for treatment until about 11 or 12-years-old. Still, catching issues early can avoid a more extensive and costly treatment later. Benefits to early orthodontic treatment includes:

  • Child’s jaw development
  • Preventing future treatment
  • Decreasing chances of costly fixes
  • Catching under, over, and open bites and correcting them

There are many signs your child may need early orthodontic prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, which includes: early or late loss of baby teeth, too much space between teeth, mouth breathing, speech impediments, shifting jaw when opening or closing the mouth, known as a crossbite, and crowded front teeth.
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