Another option to orthodontic treatment is the Empower® metal braces in Atlanta, Georgia, the most complete self-ligating bracket system worldwide. With Empower’s complete system, at Quest Orthodontics, we can allow our patients to customize their orthodontal treatment to fit their needs. Some of the versatility that goes into Empower includes either:

  • Interactive Bracket – Actively engages the larger wires with a clip and passively captures the smaller wires for lower ligation force in early treatment; it has an exceptional torque and rotation control during the working and finishing stages.
  • Passive Brackets – Clip passively catches all wire sizes for forces of lower ligation during treatment

Other options that utilize Empower metal includes a dual activation design, which uses a combination of interactive and passive brackets; this design still offers full anterior control for exact finishing, which with the hybrid system, it minimizes ligation forces. For the anterior teeth, the interactive brackets have a low-level ligation force during initial leveling and alignment, allowing for an excellent torque and rotation, as with the interactive bracket.

The passive brackets attach to the posterior teeth for low ligation forces throughout every stage of treatment. To learn more about Empower metal braces, please get in touch with our orthodontist, Dr. Arjun Patel. You can reach us at 470-440-7330. We look forward to your call today!