Holiday Foods You Can Eat

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Sometimes with braces, it seems like your whole food life revolves around things you can’t eat. With the holiday season in full swing, that can be really discouraging. But, don’t worry! Our office is here to help you enjoy the holidays by helping you remember what you CAN eat. There are so many delicious holiday foods just ready to be enjoyed! Here are a few of them.

Fruit: Fruit is an excellent addition to any holiday party. Try oranges dipped in chocolate, grapefruit broiled in brown sugar and rosemary, or thinly sliced apples dipped in cinnamon sugar. Grapes and pears are also excellent holiday choices. For an elegant dessert, try poaching pears in wine or juice, with a cinnamon stick or two and some cloves. If you choose acidic fruits, be sure to accompany them with lots of water to wash the acids away from your teeth.

Chocolate: Luckily, chocolate is on the nice list for holiday treats. Chocolate comes in many forms; for the best way to treat your teeth, choose soft chocolate. Chocolate puddings, chocolate silk pie, fruit dipped in chocolate, and chocolate ice cream are all excellent options. Chocolate fudge without nuts is also delicious.

Cakes, Cookies, and Pie: While there are some ingredients you need to avoid–such as nut pieces, sticky dried fruit, and caramel–most cakes, cookies, and pies are safe for braces. Try a lemon chiffon cake with vanilla cream, or a batch of soft gingerbread.

For more information about what to eat with braces, call Quest Orthodontics in Atlanta, Georgia at 470-440-7330. Dr. Arjun Patel will be happy to talk about it with you!