Malocclusions: Classes, Causes and Treatments

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Do you have a malocclusion? Are you looking for a treatment? You are not alone. Approximately one person out of five have a malocclusion, which is where the teeth between the jaws contact irregularly. These could take the form of overbites, cross bites or under bites.

Malocclusions are separated into three different classes. In Class I, the teeth could have some separation between them or they could be crowded or even rotated, which could cause the upper and lower jaws to not properly connect. Class II are the most commonly seen form of malocclusion. It is where the lower jaw is too far back from the upper jaw and creates an overbite. Class III occurs when the lower jaw sticks out farther than the upper jaw creating an under bite. If this is class is left untreated, your teeth could be damaged, and the under bite could progress to cause even more serious problems.

There are many different factors that could cause a malocclusion–genetics being among them. Some other causes are also noteworthy: frequent thumb sucking, thrusting your tongue against your teeth or jaws or the premature loss of teeth.

Our orthodontist, in most cases, can treat the different classes of malocclusions with braces. Treatment for malocclusions will most often begin in either childhood or early adolescence, but you are never too old to get treated. While you have braces, or any other form of orthodontic treatment, it is vital that you maintain healthy dental hygiene habits. This can lessen your chances for gum disease and tooth decay.

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