Worldwide Quest Initiative

Making a difference is a quest to embark on together.

Not only do we aim to be recognized, locally, as an unparalleled leader in the orthodontic space, we’re carving a path for community leadership, worldwide! We’re incredibly excited to introduce Quest’s first initiative with an aim to extend a hand to those in need across countries and continents worldwide, beginning in 2019.

Blending my love of travel, experiencing new cultures, and the meaning behind ‘Quest’ (a journey), our office will be partnering each year with a non-profit organization that directly aids in a meaningful initiative to help the people of the country randomly selected by our office each year. At the end of that year, we will contribute a small percentage of our year-end profit (generated from dental referrals) to the non-profit we have partnered with for that year. We will then select a different country to serve the following year … continuing our quest for aiding people in need worldwide.

Year 2019, we selected Brazil and Child Fund International — a non-profit assisting with health and education needs of impoverished children all over the world since 1938. We donated a total of $2,806 at the end of 2019.

Year 2020, we have selected the Bahamas and UNICEF — a non-profit that provides assistance and services that children need to survive and thrive before, during, and after natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

We look forward to helping the UNICEF team in the Bahamas this year and cannot wait to see how much we can raise with the help of our referring doctors!