Brava in Sandy Springs and Decatur, GA

A beautiful smile in months not years
Brava is a revolutionary technology that uses independent movement to straighten teeth.

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Not Braces. Not Aligners. Independent Movers™.

Brava is placed behind the teeth, unseen, and works swiftly and efficiently, moving each tooth independently to create your individualized smile. Awesome results without the hassle of braces or aligners—in a fraction of the time. A beautiful way to get straight teeth.

The benefits speak for themselves:

Fast and Efficient

Pre-programmed biomechanics move teeth on an ideal path to each ideal position.

Not Visible

Placed in the back of the teeth, the Brava system is unseen and very effective.

Less Hassle

Nothing to loose, easier to floss and maintain oral hygiene, unseen so life moves on uninterrupted.

Modern and Personalized

A technological revolution, using AI and bespoke design to pre-program the precise moment and force for each tooth of each individual.

Revolutionizing Orthodontics through Independent Movers™

Introducing Brava Independent Movers

Brava | Bringing Transformative Technology to Orthodontics

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