Clear Alternatives For Image Conscious Teens

February 27, 2024

We know that our teens are super conscious of their image. Just note the number of selfies they take, and how much time they spend liking, commenting and sharing their friends’ photos and videos on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. That’s why when teens come to me for orthodontic treatment, I want to be sure we have options for them, to ensure their confidence stays high while working towards their smile goals. 

One of the most significant innovations in orthodontics is Invisalign Teen®. Geared towards teens and young adults, Invisalign Teen works for patients who have all their permanent teeth. The brilliance of the Invisalign system is that it allows me to treat my patients using custom, almost invisible aligners. Here’s how it works: a series of clear, removable aligners move teeth into the right position. Patients wear each aligner for one to two weeks, which moves the teeth enough so that the next set of aligners can fit over the teeth.  In no time, patients can see results in their teeth, and their overall appearance.

In addition to Invisalign Teen®, our practice offers a suite of alternative solutions for our patients. We take pride in bringing the Sandy Springs and Dectur community the latest in technology that benefits even the most self conscious of teens. 


InBrace represents a cutting-edge teeth-straightening solution, employing a tailored Smartwire™ to ensure precise and anticipated tooth adjustments. Concealed behind the teeth, InBrace applies a personalized Smartwire programmed to facilitate swift and healthy tooth movement while maintaining absolute discretion. Utilizing proprietary Gentleforce™ technology, the Smartwire exerts gentle and consistent pressure to guide teeth into alignment seamlessly. With custom AI programming tailored to each individual smile, InBrace delivers unparalleled effectiveness in a discreet manner.


At Quest Orthodontics, we take pride in introducing LightForce, an innovative technology revolutionizing orthodontic care. This cutting-edge 3D system ensures personalized treatment for each patient by customizing brackets to fit teeth perfectly. LightForce optimizes tooth movement, prioritizes patient comfort, and reduces time spent in-office(30%-50% faster treatment times than traditional braces like Clarity), all while minimizing emergency appointments for broken brackets. As one of the first LightForce providers in the state of Georgia, we're dedicated to providing the most advanced orthodontic solutions available. 

To determine which option is the right choice for your teen, please reach out to our office at 470-440-7330 or by clicking here to request a complimentary consultation at one of our 2 convenient locations. Our expert team is with you every step of the way. Smiles accomplished at Quest Orthodontics. 


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