Qlear Smile Aligners

Qlear Smile Aligners in Sandy Springs and Decatur, GA

Small adjustments, big results
Our clear aligner technology is built for precision and control for quicker results.


Our Qlear Smile Aligners are designed to help those patients in need of mild to moderate adjustments in the alignment of their teeth. Maybe you’ve had orthodontic treatment before and now things have shifted slightly. This is the perfect solution! The best thing about Qlear Smile Aligners is WE make them in-house, so you can expect quicker treatment, more control, and more precision. ALL this at a much more affordable solution for mild to moderate cases. Take a look at our treatment levels below and let’s give your smile a refresh!

Smile Scale

Everyone’s different, and that’s why we have choices for our adult patients to touch-up their smile:

Level 1
Minor Adjustments
  • Our major focus is fine-tuning the alignment of your teeth.
    Includes up to three upper and three lower aligners, based on your needs.

$820- $1240

Level 2
Mild Adjustments
  • Great option for moderate adjustments and achieving a more beautiful smile!
    Includes up to five upper and five lower aligners, based on your needs.


Level 3
Moderate Adjustments
  • Our most popular and flexible treatment category.
    We will make many adjustments to give you a selfie-worthy smile!
    Includes up to 10 upper and 10 lower aligners, based on your needs.

$1670- $2650

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