A look at the cutting edge technology at Quest Orthodontics

Personalized care doesn’t stop with the one-on-one attention we give to our patients. It also means using a suite of technologies that combine advanced computer mapping, AI, and 3-D printing to customize our treatment plans and appliances for each individual patient.

iTero Scanner

iTero® Digital Scanner

Quest Orthodontics uses the iTero® Digital Impression System by Align Technology to help create your smile. Our digital impression system replaces the uncomfortable, unpleasant and messy putty impressions that were traditionally used to take impressions of your teeth. 

Using this digital scanner, we take 3D digital images of your teeth and bite, which help us formulate a personalized treatment plan. We also use these digital images to demonstrate your treatment options and to help us keep you up-to-date on your treatment progress.



Propel® technology reduces the length of your orthodontic treatment by using cutting-edge tools and procedures that are designed to shift your teeth into their correct positions at an accelerated yet comfortable rate. The innovative devices used in your treatment process stimulate bone remodeling, helping your teeth to move faster and more predictably into the proper position. Propel is oftentimes used in conjunction with standard orthodontic treatments, such as braces or Invisalign®, to increase the speed of tooth movement by up to 50%.

3D Printing

Our in-house 3D printers are used to create custom appliances for our patients with a high degree of precision, accuracy and speed.


3D CBCT unit

Our practice utilizes Digital X-rays and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans to provide the most accurate and seamless imaging solutions available.


3D Planning/Simulation (Invisalign, Lightforce, InBrace)

Not all braces and aligners are created equal. Our practice provides bracket and aligner systems that utilize advanced computer modeling, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing to create the fastest, most reliable and comfortable treatment available. Read more about what sets Invisalign, Lightforce, and InBrace apart from other bracket and aligner systems!  


Virtual Consultations and Monitoring

Get started on your smile journey from home! We can even track your treatment process remotely and have virtual appointments, reducing in-office visits and speeding up treatment time.

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