LightForce Braces in Sandy Springs and Decatur, GA

3D Technology, comfortable design
LightForce’s 3D technology allows brackets to be patient-specific. Each bracket is custom made and placed to fit each individual tooth.


LightForce braces are customized, 3D-printed braces that blend cutting-edge technology with digital treatment planning. LightForce braces are made using 100% polycrystalline alumina and state-of-the-art 3D printers, optimizing accuracy in bracket design. This means that LightForce braces can be uniquely designed for each individual patient! Your LightForce braces can fit your teeth perfectly and will be programmed with precise movements to realign your smile.

Planning for LightForce braces is entirely digital, meaning no uncomfortable impressions or plaster models! Each bracket is printed to fit the shape of each tooth comfortably and perfectly, allowing for more precise movements and enhanced final results. LightForce treatment also takes a patient’s jawline, lips and facial layout into account, which improves the final outcome and appearance.

The benefits speak for themselves:

Faster and more efficient

With fewer patient visits, efficient treatments, and a fully digital workflow, LightForce enables Dr. Patel to reach new levels of efficiency without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Customized for you

Proprietary treatment planning software is combined with advanced 3D printing technology to create custom treatments for every patient. Ditch ill-fitting brackets, manual bonding, and unnecessarily lengthy treatments.

More comfortable

LightForce brackets conform precisely to your teeth, reducing discomfort and improving the straightening accuracy.

Fully Digital Planning

LightForce brings the planning simplicity, efficiency and ease of use seen today in aligners into the world of fixed dental appliances. Enjoy the benefits of digital planning for your treatment, aligners or fixed.

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