Worldwide Quest Initiative

Embarking on a quest to make a difference together

Our partnerships to help those in need across the globe


Not only do we aim to be recognized locally as an unparalleled leader in the orthodontic space, we’re also carving a path for leadership worldwide! We’re incredibly excited to introduce Quest’s next initiative with an aim to help those in need across countries worldwide, beginning in 2019.

Blending Dr. Patel's love for travel and culture with the meaning behind ‘Quest’ (a journey), each year our office will be partnering with a non-profit organization that directly helps the people of a country randomly selected by our office. At the end of the year, we will contribute a portion of our yearly profit, generated from your generous referrals, to the non-profit we’ve partnered with. We will then select a different organization and country to serve the following year, continuing our quest of making a difference worldwide.


In 2019, we partnered with Child Fund International’s team in Brazil – a non-profit assisting with the health and education needs of impoverished children all over the world since 1938. We donated a total of $2,806!


In 2020, we partnered with UNICEF Emergency Relief – a non-profit providing services to children affected by natural disasters. UNICEF supports the well-being of every child through fundraising, advocacy and education all over the world since 1946. We donated a total of $3,320!


This year, we are partnering with The Malala Fund in Turkey – At this moment, nearly 130 million girls are out of school. In Turkey, Malala Fund Education Champions are working to increase enrollment and retention rates for out-of-school refugees by challenging systems and policies, so all girls can access 12 years of free, safe education.

With the help of our referring doctors, we are excited to see how much we can raise for 2021!

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