In Brace in Sandy Springs and Decatur, GA

Personalized behind-the-teeth, teeth straightener
Smartwire and GentleForce technology? InBrace uses advanced computer modeling and AI to move your teeth in a way that’s fast, healthy and completely under the radar.

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Designed for you. Made for real life. 

At Quest Orthodontics, we offer the revolutionary InBrace orthodontic system to straighten your misaligned teeth and help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you dream of. InBrace is a personalized behind-the-teeth, teeth straightener – that’s completely hidden.

The InBrace Smartwire® works like autopilot. The Smartwire is programmed with Gentleforce® technology from advanced shape memory alloy to gently move your teeth into place. This means no monthly tightenings or tray changes. And you can eat, drink, brush and floss normally – while treatment keeps working.

InBrace treats all types of malocclusions from simple to complex cases.

WOW starts now.


How InBrace works

Your InBrace Toothprint™ is scanned in order to create a 3D image of the inside of your mouth. Your Toothprint is used to personalize your Smartwire for the results you want.

We CoDesign your ideal smile and InBrace programs your Smartwire with Gentleforce technology to gently move teeth into place according to the plan we create.

Quest Orthodontics fits you with your personalized Smartwire, and you leave your fitting – InBraced.  Treatment is completely hidden (even up close) so you can show the world your Smile Now™.

The benefits speak for themselves:

Easy to maintain

You can brush and floss your teeth normally

No teeth stains

No discoloration on your teeth from your brackets

Incredibly discreet

InBrace stays in the background, allowing you to eat and drink what you want and smile with confidence

Fast treatment time

Innovative Smartwire technology works to reduce treatment time by months

Incredibly comfortable

GentleForce technology works to reduce discomfort while moving your teeth

Healthier teeth

Self-driving GentleForce technologies applies consistent force, leading to stronger and healthier teeth, gums, bone and roots


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