Should Your Child See the Orthodontist Now?

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While it’s true that we typically see only teens and preteens receiving orthodontic treatment and wearing braces, the truth of the matter is that orthodontic treatment is often required at a much younger age. Our orthodontist recommends that children receive an orthodontic exam by age seven to determine if they need early treatment.

When a child reaches the age of seven, their mouth is still undergoing lots of development and is ideal for orthodontic treatment. During this time, adult teeth are starting to replace the primary teeth, revealing any developmental problems in the bite that can be identified by the orthodontist and addressed during the early stages.

With early treatment, we can greatly reduce the severity of the orthodontic issues that may be affecting your child’s smile and can even prevent the need for braces during their teenage years by correctly guiding the teeth and jaws into a formation that boosts their health and functionality. If only teenagers receive orthodontic care, by this point the jaw is very strong and resists efforts to improve tooth alignment, resulting in more complicated treatment.

We provide early orthodontics for children to prevent further oral complications by guiding the jaws and teeth toward proper development while they are at their most susceptible. Doing so can help your child have healthy and functional teeth that last a lifetime.

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